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Sat, 14 Mar 2009

I just got back from a week in Berlin. I travelled there with a group of artists from UMaine and Syracuse. I stayed for cheap in their hostel, and they constructed some installation art in the Skulpturenpark. I met some cool people (Hi Ira! Hi Syracusers! Hi Cyclists!), and saw some cool things (Reich-stag, sculptures, walls, wacky architecture) and marveled at their clean, efficient and safe transportation infrastructure.

Berlin's a great city, but I'd say go there in the summer. Soo rainy in the spring. Also be sure to try biking around, it's very bike friendly. It was an interesting place, very easy to navigate, and a very strong US influence which made most interactions very easy considering I know 5 words in German.

Below are some pictures, but Click here for the whole set.

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