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Sun, 11 Jan 2009

Pony Up! The Report
I just got back from Pony Up 2 in Boston. Here's the run down on events. Alex, Jody and myself caught the Fung-Wah bus from Chinatown NYC to downtown Boston. I feel like I should mention that I ate almost an entire bag (10 of 12 servings) of Ranch/Pizza Doritos on the 5 hour bus ride. Once in Boston we headed to the Middle East for fries and to meet up with Ian. Ian's a Boston based custom bike builder and good friend of Jody. He was kind enough to put us up at his place for a night, and his girlfriend Sara was kind enough to put us up at her place for another night.

On Saturday we all convened at Diesel Cafe, and killed some time until registration opened. Although betting was scheduled to start at 3, we knew stuff really wouldn't get rolling until 6, and the race probably wouldn't start till 7 or 8. We were joined by Joel who I know from Bangor and now rooms with Beth in Boston. We got to the old coffin factory at 4, and almost nobody was there yet. Since we were unfashionably on time we left for tacos with two new companions and resident Bostonians Patrick and Francesca. Joel and I formed an alliance with Pat and Francesca to work (read: follow) them for the race, since the only thing I knew how to find in Boston was this taco place. Jody, Ian, and Alex decided to pass on the race, citing concerns over darkness, the impending snow-storm, and a desire to concentrate on evening's later roller-races "Boldsprints".

How the race worked is each rider paid $10 to race, and that counted as two $5 bets on yourself. You could also place $5 bets on any other registered racer. Whoever won would get split the $500 with those that had placed bets on them. The race started at 8:45, right when the snow started to come down steadily. Patrick, Francesca, Joel, myself, and one other rider did practically the whole race together. I wish I knew the names of sections of Boston so I could describe where we went, but alas, I don't. I figure our route was about 20, maybe 22 miles, and took us 1 hour 45 minutes to make all the pick-ups and drop offs. The snow was steady the whole time, and by the time the race was over 2ish inches had built up. Was very cold, and slightly hazardous, but bike handled very well, and I never felt terribly out of control. I had opted to bring the McBain running 48x17 gearing and 23c slick tires, instead of the Schwinn that has studded snow tires. Oh well, it made for a fun night. A fender would have also been good as I ended up so encrusted with salt that my pants could stand up on their own in the morning.

New Yorker's took the top 3 spots in the race (Austin, Kennedy, Dan), and I came in 20th out of about 40 riders. After the race there was an after party ($1 PBR), and supposedly indoor roller races put on by Chris Kim, but we headed out before they got started. Over night there was a total accumulation of 6-8 inches of snow. This morning we met some people for brunch, and then Alex, Jody and I hopped on the Fung Wah and returned to NYC. Thanks for the good times and the slush Boston. Nice to see you, and I'll keep in touch!

Here's the pics from the weekend.

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