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Thu, 23 Oct 2008

Bikes Complete!
There's been a lot of other stuff going on, but the only stuff I have photos of right now I bike related, so I might as well blog about that.

The season of track racing at Kissena is over. I did pretty well, 3rd overall for the season for Category 5. I upgraded to a Cat 4 so next year should be quite the challenge. Here's a photo of everyone at the award ceremony. Got a nice little cyclist trophy and a certificate. Woo!

My bikes in progress have been upgraded to "complete bikes". The Maietta rides like a dream, and is quite the killer track machine. The Guerciotti is beautiful and a great bike for bombing around the city, or for taking long training rides on. I love having all my bikes made of steel, it just feels like the right material for a bike to be made of.

I've also been participating in the Prospect Park Summer Slam. A weekly fixed gear racing series in Prospect Park. It's being organized by some friends of mine and sponsored by Tony/Maietta Cycling.

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