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Sun, 08 Jun 2008

I'm in Washington DC!
I'm actually not in Washington D.C. Dirty little secret about this site is that I post things very infrequently. Then I login to the server, run a "Touch" command to alter the timestamp, and POOF! The pics have been here all along. I'm actually writing this January 8th, 2009. Precisely 6 months after returning from D.C. Boy how time flies! Starting in the next paragraph I'm going to pretend that I'm blogging about it the day after I returned...

I just got back from D.C! It was my first time ever spending time in our nation's capitol. Kierie and I drove down and brought our bikes. D.C. is a very bike friendly town. Mostly flat, gridded, and has courteous drivers. There's even a weekly cupcake ride. Sadly we learned about the cupcake ride 30 minutes after it departed. I did have a bit of a problem bringing my bike back on Amtrak though. Only other problem was that it was a billion degrees. Somehow there were people wearing pants and long sleeve shirts. In all these pictures keep in mind that I am about to burst into flames from the heat.

We visited numerous galleries, and memorials. The National Gallery just keeps on going and going and going with great art. The Washinton Monument is really quite phallic and looks best at night. The Lincoln Memorial was my favorite, Abe just looks so huge, wise, and inspiring. We also met up with my cousin Laura and her BF, and ate some excellent Ethiopian food. Congress wasn't in session, so we didn't see many obvious politicians about.

Here's the pics from the trip

03 08
03 10
15 21

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