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Sun, 04 May 2008

Spring Racing
Ahh New York... For a city that has gridlock and Taxis as its most iconic images, it certainly has a vibrant bike culture. Below is all the bike related stuff I've done in the last few weeks.

Lakeside Lounge bike swap meet:
I brought Summer to this to introduce her to some peeps (and potentially have her carry stuff back for me). Got some new bars (3TTT ergo drops), a threadless Cinelli stem, and a threaded 3TTT stem. The 3TTT stem turned out to be too long, so I threw it on the Schwinn instead of the McBain.

Kissena Velodrome opening weekend:
I raced in the opening weekend of the Kissena Velodrome. Was the first time I'd raced there this year, and only the 4th time ever. The McBain did pretty well, but I'm looking forward to the new Maietta being ready. It was a 2 day omnium style event, but over those 2 days I didn't win anything. Boo. I did learn a lot about what to do for bike setup though.

Kissena Twilight series:
I applied two bits of knowledge I learned opening weekend: Try to effect the race in some way even if you don't win, and to lower my gearing. I started Opening Weekend with 48x16 and tried running 48x14 in the twilight series, which is a bit more tiring, but since I'm more of a masher then a spinner, it seems to suit me. The racing series is every Wednesday at 6:30 and I better make it cuz I threw down $110 for the year.

Randall's Island Tracklocross Series:
There's always a ton of street racing going on in NYC. I'm preparing a new bike for the 5th annual Bronx Rumble, and I've been taking part in a new breed of urban racing: Tracklocross. The Randall's Island Tracklocross seris is an epic weekly series put on by Team Wreck stuff (my friends Dan, Nick, Mattio, etc). Imagine a bunch of city kids on track bikes racing on dirt/grass on makeshift courses connecting construction sites, scrap yards, tidal pools, playgrounds, and fields. My favorite event was the grass-track event 2 weekes ago. Basically an improvised oval track on a sloping, wet grassy field at night. Spills and chills galore, but so fun to ride. The next race in the series is "Harlemegeddon Cyclocross Alleycatastrophe (the Uptown Beatdown)" which will be in Harlem, and will be awesome.

I also VJ'd the Times UP fund raising party. I did a mirrored dual projector setup and brought out all the stops with my bike visuals. It went really well, there was much dancing and even a tap-dancing show?! This yesterday I went to Trexlertown PA for their twice annual swap meet. It was nice to get out of the city, but I wasn't too impressed with the goods at the swap meet. I did buy some Campy Record brake levers, some Campy down-tube shifters and a chain tool. Not worth the 100 mile drive though. I however impressed with the track there. The Trexlertown velodrome is probably twice as steep as Kissena, and at a modern, clean, beautiful facility. Makes me wonder how a little town in Pennsylvania can have such a nice track and the one in NYC is referred to as "The GhettoDrome" with good reason.

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