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Tue, 19 Feb 2008

Back East
I've been back from Portland Oregon for a week now. What a trip that was! I thoroughly enjoyed the west coast. Thanks again to Meg and Ben for putting me up in their house and letting me spread bike parts all over the place. Portland is certainly the most bike friendly city in the US I've been to. Part of me thinks the bikers there are spoiled by having plentiful bike lanes, a sympathetic local government, and ample coffee shops and vegan restaurants. The other part of me wants to move out there and join them, getting away from the daily struggle of NY biking. I'm not going to do that anytime soon though. I like the excitement and pace of NYC too much to leave right now.

The rest of the show went well. If I could sum up the show in two words they would be: BIke Overload. I had a free day to go to the Pacific Ocean (my first time!). It was really awesome, sort of like Maine only with slightly different vegetation and different rock formations. Sadly I didn't load my film camera right, but my digital camera worked well enough to take a few pics. My trip home went well too. Long flight with little sleep, and then lugging the bike bag and luggage around the NYC subways. I was promptly thrown back into the fray at work, and then had to drag my luggage through a snow storm back to my apartment since no large cabs were empty.

Last week I did a Valentine's Day alley cat, and this Friday a few of us are going to Boston for the Pony Up race. Hopefully the weather holds out. If you're in Boston and have a spare couch, let me know! This week I have the potential for jury duty, my first time with that. Yay.

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