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Wed, 16 Jan 2008

26th Birthday at The Gutter
Well, I just turned 26! I'd like to thank all that came to The Gutter to bowl and drink. Shout outs to Andras, Artem, Bernadette, Caitlin, Dylan, Gabe K, Heather, Kim, Kym, Nancy, Nikola, and Rodrigo. I'd also like to thank all those that wished me well but couldn't make it out or travel the hundreds of miles to be here. It was a good mix of Mainers, work friends and biker friends. The Gutter is pretty fun, but probably in the hardest to get to area in Williamsburg (unless you bike :) If ever go as a group, send someone there early to get a number (think number at the DMV line, with the red numerals marching towards yours over the course of 3 hours...)

Here are pictures courtesy of Vanessa.

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