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Sat, 12 Jan 2008

Welcome to 2008
Here's a quick update. Christmas has come and gone. I spent 13 days in Maine which was a nice change of pace from NYC. Saw a lot of friends (Hi Everybody!), and had a good time hanging out with my grandmother and the rest of the family. I spent a day at Sugarloaf with Sheridan, Hankla, Tyler and Rylan. That was pretty fun, only my second time skiing, and I'm getting a bit better. I think I only fell 40 or 50 times, and finally got so I can get off the lift without falling down. Maybe I'll go skiing in Vermont before the winter's over.

I also made it to Portland with Adam and Jeff to hang out with Jesse and some friends. He just got back from Korea and I hadn't seen him in years. You're still crazy Jesse. And Old Orchard Beach, you're still crazy too. I spent New Years Eve at Bonzey's place in Lucerne. Small party with Tracy, Tyler, Summer, Sarah, Allison, Dan, a sauna and booze. It was pretty relaxed, and running naked from the sauna into a snow bank is a great way to start the year.

Back in NYC things are pretty warm. There's NO snow, which is a big contrast from the three feet on the ground in Maine. Biking has been good, and thanks to a bike swap with Allison and Dan I now have 5 bikes in the apartment. By spring I hope to be down to only 3 though. Tomorrow I'll be going to the Bike Shorts film fest tomorrow in Brooklyn, and some bootleg trick sessions at the Brooklyn Banks in Manhattan. Last night Artem took me to NJ to see the Nets play the Celtics. Celtics won, which was a welcome change from their past decade of sucking. NJ is crazy. So crappy. So many highways and so much ugly terrain. The game was great though. Now I've seen an NHL game (Rangers vs Penguins), a NBA game, and a MLB game (Yankees vs. Red Sox). Its been a good year for me and pro sports. Maybe next year I'll check out a NFL game.

Oh, and my birthday is on Tuesday. Twenty-six. It may not seem very old to some of you, but I'm now thoroughly ensconced in my twenties. Only four more years until I'm thirty. Thirty!

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