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Wed, 21 Nov 2007

I'm about to take off for Maine for Thanksgiving. Riding up with Caitlin and Mindy (Thanks!). Look forward to seeing all the family and friends. Dinner with the fam tomorrow, but tonight I'll be out and about in Bangor, and Friday or Saturday I'll be out in Orono. Give me a call if you want to meet up. Last weekend I raced in the annual Cranksgiving Alleycat race. You may remember from last year that it was my first ever NYC alleycat. Amazing that a whole year has passed. And its nice to see many of the same people at all the races and have gotten to know all of you. The race went well, didn't seem as long or grueling as last year, but maybe thats because I have more experience now. It also wasnt as cold this year. Finished 17th out of 85 racers. Not bad. The night before I also VJ'd the pre-party with some good bands at the Last Resort Art Space in Astoria. It was my first VJ show in a while and I think it went pretty well. My first time out with my new Edirol mixer.

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