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Wed, 07 Nov 2007

Its been a long time since my last update, let's see if I can remember all the stuff that's going on. I'm psyched to say that Mila is back. She got her VISA and arrived a week and a half ago. She's working at RenCap again. Back in NYC to have some fun and make some money. Congrats to Artem also for getting a job, he's now working for UBS in Stamford CT. We're all living together in the cozy apartment in Queens. Congrats also to Lena and Andre, who had a baby boy in October, and also congrats to Eka and Shalva, who are having a baby something any day now.

I'll probably be back in Maine for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Meet me at Woodman's and I'll buy you a drink, but I hear that there's some new places to go in the Bangor area, so you might catch me in a few places.

What else have I been up to? I've been to a few concerts and shows. Saw Benny Benassi at Cielo, which was alright. I think he was on drugs or his attention was elsewhere, so the show was not as rockin' as I expected. I also saw Justice (the French Band). They really rocked. Show was at the new Terminal 5 venue, which is huge and fun. Lots of dancing, sweaty hipsters, and cool heavy synth beats kind of like Daft Punk. A week or two later I saw Gogol Bordello at Terminal 5. That show fucking rocked! Saw them with Mila, Artem, and some cool random Russian and Armenian people we bought the tickets off. Gogol played so hard, and so well that the place pretty much blew up. There was literally just a crater of smoldering punk rock left after the show. I highly recommend seeing them in concert. I saw Cinematic Orchestra at Webster Hall, which was highly forgettable and not worth writing further about. I also saw !!! at Webster Hall with Summer when she was down. That was another really good show. Its been a few weeks so I cant remember the details of it, just that they were pretty sweet, and their lead singers were very fun to watch. I also had the pleasure of taking Summer to her first Broadway show: Spamalot. I thought the show started fairly slow, but by the end was hilarious. Butt trumpets and killer rabbits on Broadway. Classic.

Of course I've been bike racing and riding too. Lets see... I did the NYC century. 100 miles of riding all through NYC. Also did the last two races in the 5 Boro Generals series. I did alright in the Queens Riot race, at least in the Time Trial, I think me and Bianca won that part. But man was it cold. We also got so lost in the alley cat portion, which is too bad since it was my home race. The Battle 4 Brooklyn was the last race in the series. I was on a solid team of 5 people that came in 3rd for the race. There was a team time trial, an "Alley Crit", think a criterium race only in live traffic. I rocked the Alley Crit, 5th overall. There was also a mini alleycat and some trick competitions. I did terrible in the alleycat (thought the finish was under the Manhattan Bridge instead of under the Brooklyn Bridge, whoops!) and didn't do well (or anything) in the tricks, trackstand, or skid comps. I'm waiting for the final results from the whole 5 Boro series, but I'm sure I'm in the top 20 overall, which is pretty good considering there were probably close to 200 different riders throughout the Summer. On Monday I raced with some friends in a sort of new weekly series in Harlem called the Rat Pack Hustle. Big ups to Dan Bones for hosting a series featuring cool people, fast races, and beer sprints. I finished DFL due to some poor choices in gearing and footwear, and other excuses, but next week I'm going ftw.

In February I'm traveling with Tony to the NAHBS to help rep his company, Maietta Cycling. It should be awesome. I'm going to be starting to revamp the website and make some additional promo materials the show. I'd also like to congratulate Tony and Lauren, who'll be getting married next summer. W00T!

Sorry there's no recent pics, but my digital camera has started dying, so I've only been doing film, which you have to see in person. I spent my money on an Edirol V-4, so a new digi-cam is not in my fall budget, but now that Mila's back I can borrow hers.

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