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Mon, 03 Sep 2007

Labor Day Weekend
Pretty full weekend here. Excitement started on Saturday with a bike race. It was a pretty challenging layout, mostly in Manhattan, that I did super poorly in. Pretty much my worst performance in any race thus far. The after party was pretty decent. They had "roller races" by Gold Sprints, which is basically two trackbikes set up on trainers that measure and graph the power output, and you race hard against someone for 30 seconds. After the bike party I met Caitlin and some other ex-pat Mainers in the meat-packing district at a club called "Apartment". Its a semi-swanky area, and there I was in my bike gear and super crazy colorful "Masters of Russia" jersey. I hope someone got pics.

Saturday Artem and I headed out on bikes for the beach. Brighton beach is about 18 miles away as the crow flies, but since bikes don't fly and I lost my good map, our journey was a little more meandering. Finally explored Forest Hills, Cyprus Hill, Jamaica and the Rockaways. Went to Manhattan Beach, which is right next to Brighton Beach. Cant believe I only made it to the beach like 2 or 3 times this summer. After the beach and some Russian food, Artem and I met Cait, Mindy and Susane at Coney Island to ride some of the crazy old time rides they have there. My suggestion, skip the Wonder Wheel and go right to the Cyclone. This rollercoaster is crazy! Its so old and scary fast. Below are some of the pics from the weekend.

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