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Mon, 30 Jul 2007

In Russia!
My Russian trip has been amazing so far. Internet access has been difficult with my busy schedule and lack of connections at Mila's apartment I'm at a cafe right now and my battery is dying so this will be a brief rundown of the trip so far. Arrived in Moscow at noon on Saturday the 21st, and met Mila. There was much rejoicing. We had 3 days in Moscow where I saw most of the major sights, Red Square, Kremlin, etc. Very impressive.

Next we headed off to St. Petersburg by train, which was 8 hours and a pretty cool experience. St. Petersburg is sort of like a combination of Venice and Paris, only with a rugged Russian feel to it. So many museums, palaces, cathedrals and boat rides. Eventually I'll post more pictures and more descriptions. We had a good time with some local St. Petersburgers, some of them crazy and some not. One Note about Russian Mini-Hotels; they aren't kidding about the mini part.

Now we're back in Moscow, and Mila is back to work. Tomorrow I'm heading off on my own to Volgograd to meet some friends. I hope it goes well as my Russian language skills are not to great (read: very poor), and my document status is questionable.

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