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Sun, 27 May 2007

Bicycle Fetish Day
Yesterday was Bicycle Fetish Day, a yearly event in presented by The City Reliquary in NYC where all different kinds of cyclists get together to hang out, race, do tricks, and show off their bikes. It was like a big street party with bikes as the theme. They shut down Havemeyer streetin Brooklyn between Grand and Hope streets for the festivities. There were food, drinks, bike vendors and lots and lots of bikes. There was a judged bike show for different types of bikes, track, handmade, cruiser bikes, commuter, lightest bike, heaviest bike, BMX, and more. I gotta say, Puerto Ricans have their own thing going on with bikes, its almost like a crazy motorcycle gang with big chromed out cruiser bikes usually sporting a crazy loud air horn. Best news is my bike won best track bike! I gotta thank Tony for building what is definitely one of the hottest track bikes in New York City.

The Alley Cat was pretty sweet too. I raced as Team DQ with Rodrigo and Andres as Team DQ from the Queens. We finished in 15th, 16th and 17th individually, and were the 2nd place team. The race was fairly short, about 15 miles. It started in Brooklyn, we all dashed across the car lane on the Williamsburg bridge, then hit the various checkpoints in Manhattan, and made raced back to Brooklyn. Our team I think was the only one that came back across the Queensboro bridge instead of the Williamsburg. I'm pretty pleased with our teams planning and how we stayed together. The two things that kept us out of the top 10 were running into a street fair for 4 blocks on 6th Ave, then getting slowed down on 40th street heading east across town. Great fun though.

After the race and bike show, there was a pretty good after party at the City Reliquary. Good music and cheap PBR. Again, good times with good bike folks, followed by more beer at Barcade, where I made the discovery that the video game Frogger is pretty much an Alley Cat simulator. The day was capped off with some 3am burritos, and a ride back to Queens.

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