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Tue, 22 May 2007

Weekend in Maine (Tour de Cure)
I spent last weekend in Maine. Good times, good times... Flew from JFK to Portland on Saturday night. The plan was to meet up with Bernie, Emily and Jen and go to bars, but my flight was delayed 2.5 hours so I didn't get into Portland until after the bars were closed. We went to a house party where we may have drank Meyer's dark rum out of the bottle. Might I add that Bernie is recently returned from China/Tibet (hence the photo of me in the Tibetan prayer robe) and she's an ice cream truck driver!

Saturday we returned to Maine and I headed off to Bar Harbor to camp out before the Tour de Cure. Marcie and I had dinner at Rupinini's, and then joined some other Woodman's bikers around a fire for some beers (malt liquor). Sunday was quite rainy. 55 of the 60 miles were in the rain. Was still a good time, and amazingly I hung with the same really fast rider that was a struggle to keep up with last year. Below are pics of the camp site, the muddy starting area, my bike, coastal view, a twisty wet road, and a steel drum band that did an awesome cover of The Numa Numa song.

I rounded out the rest of my trip with some family time, visiting old IT coworkers, and a trip to Dysart's. Monday afternoon I got a late start back to NYC in a rented truck filled with my bicycles and some of Artem's furniture. Got in at 2am, then got up at 6am to return the truck to the airport. Especially brutal because now I'm going to the Yankees vs. Red Sox game (my first baseball game ever).

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