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Tue, 15 May 2007

Graduation Weekend at UMaine
I returned to Maine last weekend. Flew from La Guardia to Bangor, which is a pretty good way to get maximize the weekend, only a 1 hour flight instead of a 10 hour bus ride. Artem was graduating with an MBA and I went to represent and celebrate. Below are some pics from graduation and Artem's graduation party.

Here's a pic of Artem and Max, who was visiting from Volgograd. Had a great time with him and Artem in NYC, but after this week I need to take a break from bars. Below is a pic of Nick, Sandy and Artem. Nick and Sandy, Mila's former host parents, flew in from Oregon for graduation. I ran into them randomly at the Bangor airport at 5 in the morning on my way back to NYC. Maine's a pretty small place.

Here's the spread from the party. Somehow we wound up with 3 kinds of potato salad. That baby might also be the cutest baby in the world. I know Tamara checks this site to, so here's a shout-out to her (and Gohar) Hi! Here's a shot of Tracy, Tyler (who let me crash at his apartment all weekend), and summer.

I visited my grandmother at Dirigo Pines. Man, that place is crazy! Like a resort hotel complex for old people. Its expensive, but no more so then your typical caribbean resort, only with less beaches and booze. I gave Summer a big ugly doll too.

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