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Sun, 29 Apr 2007

Weekend Wrapup
Last night I went with Sejin and a few others to the Amon Tobin show. VERY good show. It rocked pretty hard, but had me thinking a lot about the Explosions in the Sky show I recently saw. Both artists/groups have moments of crazy rocking out then go into more transcendental type moods. Amon Tobin had some great DnB and great use of samples. I also think that was the loudest show I had ever been too. My whole body was shaken by ample bass beats he was putting out. If you do go to see Amon in the future, do your ears a favor and bring ear-plugs. I also picked up a great deal on what may be the only double-vinyl version of his Foley Room album available for the whole tour.

Today was a decent day at the track. Highlight was getting a 2nd at one of the Prime's during a mass start sprint. Another highlight was not crashing after knocking bars with another rider in different mass start event. For the weekend I had 9 points, which put me somewhere in the middle of the Cat5 racers. Not bad I guess. For my first weekend at the track. No pics from the track today, as I forgot my memory card. Too bad too, as there was motorcycle paced Keirin style races.

Below is a pic of a frame I sourced for free. Its a bit rough, but will soon become a nice around the block bike for Mila and guests.

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