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Sat, 28 Apr 2007

Kissena Velodrome Opening Weekend
Just got home from racing in day 1 of the 2 day opening weekend track racing event at Kissena Velodrome. It was a good time, and I found out that I don't totally suck at track racing. I'm in the lowest Men's USCF category, Cat5, but the competition was still good.

Today there were 3 events at the track. The Individual 2000m Time Trial Pursuit was first. In the individual pursuit one rider starts on the front of the track, and the other rider starts on the other side. The race is 5 laps and your goal is to catch the other rider or to have the best overall time. Times from this race are used for placement in tomorrows events. I won my individual pursuit, but my time wasn't incredible. I was still glad to win my first event at the track.

The 1200m Team Pursuit was next. It is similar to the individual pursuit, but you choose a team of 2 other riders. The event is 3 laps long, one team mate leads the others for a lap, then pulls off to the side. So on the 3rd lap there is just 1 rider left for each of the 2 teams. Like the individual pursuit the two teams start at opposite sides of the track and try to catch the other team and have the best overall time. My team, which had a younger guy named Justin, and a big hulking bike messenger guy named Carlos. We won our match, but I don't think our overall time was good enough to place high in the end results.

The final event was the 800m Group Sprint. In this event, 3 riders start at the starting line, and the person that drew the inside starting position has to lead the first lap. The event is 2 laps long, but a lot of strategy goes into it. Everybody will go as slow as they can (rules say you have to maintain a walking pace, and can only stop twice for 30 seconds each!). Basically, you want to plan when you are going to try and break away from the other two, and do it in such a way that they cant catch up. I made my move too soon and was overtaken going into the final straight.

A very fun day hanging out at the track. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes. Now I'm off to see/hear Amon Tobin.

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