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Mon, 16 Apr 2007

April Fools Alley Cat
I just got back from Philly. The $20 round trip Chinatown bus is a good thing. I stayed at Brian's place in South Philly, an interesting part of town where it seems anything goes. Most notably you don't have to stop at stop signs and you can park pretty much anywhere you want, like on the striped center divider between lanes.

Allison and I raced in the April Fools Alley Cat. There were about 300 bikers, mostly riding fixed gears but a good amount of road bikes, and a few tandem and mountain bikes thrown in too. Race started at 3, and there was a list of about 40 locations/tasks. Each place on the list was worth a certain point value. Further locations would be worth more points, and the person that got the most points in 3 hours wins. Since the theme of the race was "April Fools", some of the checkpoints were fake and you wouldn't know it until you got there and there was nothing there. Allison and I got spoofed by a couple fake checkpoints, and rode fairly cautiously as we were in it for the good times not the victory. At some of the stops you had to do a task, like do a ring toss over a beer bottle, write an essay while being held captive by some hotties, do a chain of leapfrog with a group of people, make a shot with a basketball, or just buy someone a beer. Toughest part about riding in Philly crossing is the road trolly tracks scattered around town, that and there's more cobble stone streets.

We survived the race and made it to the afterparty. The after-party was held in a big warehouse in North Philly in Germantown. Tons of free PBR, a big Caddy to chill in, good music, and an ice cream truck stopped by. The winner got a whole lot of free stuff like a new Fuji track race frame, a messenger bag from RE Load. There were prizes for first female, first out of towner, lightest bike, heaviest bike and more.

The next day in the pouring rain I took the bus back to NYC. Took a bit longer then normal as there were several rain induced detours. Also the Queens bound subways weren't making local stops, so I decided to ride my bike half way. Man that was wet! Like riding in the shower. Amazingly all my gear/electronics stayed dry. Basically, a really good trip and fun time in Philly. Here's some pics.
April Fools
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