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Wed, 28 Mar 2007

Russian Proverbs
Its March and the weather is looking nice. Here's a rundown of the last few weeks events. My memory is spotty, so I may leave out a few details. There's probably some shit you don't need to hear either. A few weeks ago Mila, and a few coworkers and friends went to Culture Club for some good times and dancing. It was a pretty good time, I highly recommend it if you like dancing to cheesy 80's tracks. Later that week we were visited by some friends from Maine, Gohar and Tamara were in NYC on their way to/from Chicago. We went out with them for Italian food in Brooklyn Heights with some of their friends. The next night we had them over for a massive pizza/cake dinner party. It was nice since we'd barely had any opportunity to do any entertaining in our apartment. In NYC since it takes so long to get anywhere you usually meet out for dinner then go to a club or some other event.

This next paragraph is about my bicycle, so if you aren't into bikes you should skip to the next paragraph. My bike seems to have an English sized Italian threaded bottom bracket shell (aka, backwards). This results in the normal forces of peddling loosening the bottom bracket. Last fall I had a new bottom bracket put in at Bike Stop, the local bike shop. This bottom bracket was fairly rare, and had lockrings on each side, and was installed using Loctite. End result, this bottom bracket finally wasn't going fucking anywhere. Unfortunatly the spindle was too long so my chain angle was way off, and it started creaking and clicking fairly soon. Since this was the 3rd bottom bracket I'd had a shop put in I set about getting the tools and parts to do it myself. Unless me or Rose Bike puts it in, I don't trust it anymore. Only problem is this bottom bracket seems to be the only one of its kind in existence. Nothing from Park Tools, Pedros, Hozan, anywhere, would fit in the splines. I was forced to take it back to Bike Stop to have it taken out. Because of the less then stellar attitude, poor service, and plethora of scratches that I get from this shop, I was not too excited to take it back there to get it taken out, but at this point it was my only option. Gus (the only guy there that seems to know what's going on) broke 2 tools getting it out, put some new scratches in the frame, and still wanted to be paid for the time, despite the fact that the $100 BB he removed was destroyed in the process. Anyway, I probly wont be going back there again, and I've put in a new Campagnolo BB on my own and now have all the tools to service it myself. I also put wider Sylvan Touring pedals on. Bike is riding like a champ now, ready to hit the streets and race in the upcoming April Fools Alleycat in Philly.

I found that pronunciation is key when wishing good luck in Russian, one wrong stress and you're telling someone "no fart, no steam" instead another phase that means good luck. The person I was wishing well was Mila, and she seemed to still do well in her task, which was the The NASD Series 7 Exam. This was 6 hour test that she had been studying for non-stop for 2 months. Her hard work paid off and she passed. There was much rejoicing, some hi-fiving. Passing the test should help her career and upcoming visa application too.

So much more has happened in the last 2 weeks. Artem came for a visit, we went all over town. We saw two comedy shows. One show was at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. The show was pretty cheap, but not amazingly funny. The next night we happened across a comedy show at "Jimmy's No. 47" in the East Village. We were going to Jimmy's anyway, and there just so happened to be an excellent free comedy show going at the same time. We got to participate/heckle the comedians a lot since we were in front/center and I was wearing bright blue and tend to stick out a bit since I'm 6-foot-huge. We also saw the musical Chicago, which was pretty good, but not as amazing is I had anticipated. Bebe Neuwirth (Lilith Crane on Cheers) was Roxie Hart, and while interesting to see her in that role, I think others may have been better suited.

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