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Sun, 25 Feb 2007

SummerTime in February
Last weekend I got a visit from my sister Summer. She took a combination of bus/train down from Maine after missing the flight from Portland. The Sunday of her arrival we caught the aftermath of the Chinese New Year celebration in china town, man that place was trashed with confetti and garbage afterwards. On Monday we headed into town for some shopping, cappuccino, and exploring. Monday night was the concert that Summer came down for. We found the venue, The Warsaw (Polish National Home), in Greenpoint after wandering around in the wrong direction then taking a cab. Me had missed dinner on the way because we were running late, but fortunately they had some bitchin pierogies (only $5!). The place was pretty funky, and I highly recommend it as a concert venue. The concert was pretty rocking too. It was Explosions in the Sky, which is sort of a instrumental "post-rock" band. It was one of the more trancendental music experiences I'd had. The band was pretty subdued until they reached the crescendos of the songs, at some points only the bass player was standing as the two guitar players sat down most of the time, rising only rock out on occaision.

When Summer was leaving NY, my parents were on their way. Sadly my Dad's old college friend Shelly died after a brief but intense battle with leukemia, and the funeral was on Long Island on Wednesday. Under the circumstances it was sort of a bittersweet visit from my mom and dad, but still nice to get to see them. They also treated us to an excellent Greek meal at a local Astoria restaurant.

On other news, here's our new couch. We rented a van a few weeks ago and went to Ikea. It was in the "as-is" section, meaning it was a discontinued display model, and was only $99.50. It folds into a bed, so now we can house guests in style and comfort!
99 dollars from Ikea

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