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Thu, 15 Feb 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!
More excitement in the last few weeks here in NY. Last week was Fashion Week, and one of the fashion crew got me into the Custo Barcelona. It was a pretty cool experience, and my first fashion show. There were free drinks from Chambord, lots of skinny models, and some outrageous outfits.

Next we had some visitors from Maine and Oregon. Andrei was in NYC for a few days, and stopped by our apartment for dinner on Friday. On Friday we were also joined by Mila's host mom Sandy, who had just flown in from Oregon. Sandy stayed with us until Tuesday, and gave us a good excuse to go all over the city and do all the touristy things that you dont normally have an excuse to do.

Saturday I rented a car for the day. LaGuardia airport is just a short bicycle ride away from our apartment, and having a car would allow us to cruise all over in comport and style. Taking the train is alright, but if you want to get all over town, a car is still best. Now that I'm 25, renting is cheap(er) too. First we went to Park Slope to get some coffee/tea. Next we went to Brighton to stock up on Russian goods and have lunch. After that we went to Brooklyn Heights where I had a hot toddie then we froze our asses off on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. We made a quick stop at Mila's office, then we went for some EXCELLENT desserts at a greek restaurant in midtown, sadly I can't remember the name of the place.

On sunday I returned my car, and was very pleased to discover that nobody had stolen my bicycle while it was chained up outside of Avis at the airport. In the afternoon we took the Roosevelt Island Tram, which was a very cool 5 minute trip to Roosevelt Island in the East River. Its free with a Metro pass, and gives you some great views of Manhattan and Queens. Amazingly on the way back a young guy climbed on the roof when we were at the tram hanger, and rode it all the way back! The driver of the tram explained it like this in a Russian accent "Do not mind the guy on the roof, he is our mechanic". I dont know what intrigued people more, the fact that there was a guy standing not strapped in on the roof, or that the tram needed a mechanic right then. Next we went for Ethopian food, and then to the Blue Note to catch Earl Klugh play some excellent jazz.
Tram Hanger 1st Ave
Mechanic Towards Manhattan
Rockefeller Skating Blue Note with Earl Klugh

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