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Sun, 04 Feb 2007

February Hotness
Its finally getting cold here in NY. 24 degrees today. For the last few days we had a guest staying with us, which is always a good excuse to get out and do some different things. Friday we were joined by Lola and went for drinks at the Russian Vodka Room. That's a picture of their homemade cranberry vodka, very tasty and a 2oz shot is only $3 during happy hour. Its a dark bar with serios soviet era atmosphere. I dont remember what was going on in that picture of Mila and me, but I'm trying to look not amused :) After the Vodka Room, we went to a party in lower Harlem. It was hosted by some of Lola's Peace Corp friends and the theme was "Tacky Sweaters". We didn't stay too long, but it was a pretty good time with some nice people. Its good to find other people that aren't totally caught up in the NYC rat race. On Saturday we went to Spa 88, a Russian bath house downtown near Wall Street. It was a very unique experience, and very fun. They had 3 sauna rooms. One was a steam room at about 120 degrees, another dry heat room at about 140 degrees, and a larger dry heat room at about 180 degrees. Mila brough back some sauna hats from Russia, that we wore. There were other people with the wacky felt hats too, so we fit right in. Some had horns, others had hammer/sicles or red stars. There was also a cold plunge pool that you jumped in quickly after being in the heat. We spent about 4 hours there, relaxing in the saunas (where you beat yourself with oak leaf branches to infuse your skin with the hot air), ull size pools, hot tub, beating ourselves with oak branches in the sauna, and just lounging eating cookies and fruit. I hightly reccomend it. Go with a Russian though, as you'll get the full experience and some things are a bit confusing.

Vodka Room Mila and Gabe Mila and Lola
Vodka Room Tsar Gabe 178 Degrees

One of the perks of working for Dennis Publishing is getting to attend the occaisional party. Last Friday Mila and I got to attend the Maxim Hot 100 party. It was sponsored by Jose Cuervo, and held at Ultra. It was a pretty good time, with lots of people. It was friggin cold that night, and it took forever to get our coats into the frigid coat check. I'm still having trouble adjusting to $13 vodka tonics in NYC. Was still a fun time with some people from work, and some celebrities (but they were holed up in the VIP rooms with the Hot 100 girls).

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