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Thu, 25 Jan 2007

January Hotness
I've been slacking on the blog so far in 2007. Where to begin, and what to say? I've been working a lot, 9-6 Monday to Friday. Sadly my office has no windows, and the sun goes down at 5 still so I don't see much sun. Its also gotten too cold to ride my bike to work and still look presentable. Tough to wear multi-layer thermal gear then change for the office. I'm getting to know the ins+outs of Dennis Publishing, Maxim etc pretty well. With 300+ employees spanning 5 floors it takes a while to get familiar with everyone.

Outside of work there's been a lot of stuff going on too. Mila got back from Russia on the 10th, just in time for my birthday on the 15th. She gave me a sweet laptop bag and took me out to dinner at a pretty cool lounge called Zanzibar. I also want to thank everyone that sent me cards, IM's, gifts, and other greetings for Christmas and for my birthday. Artem stayed here on Tuesday night, on his way back to UMaine from Russia. Sadly he had to leave early and didn't get to enjoy the Broadway show that we had tickets for on Wednesday. Mila, her coworker Eugene, friend Eka and I saw The Producers. The show was pretty good, and we got upgraded seats because it was a Wednesday night and the theater was only 1/3 full. Although good, the show wasn't quite awesome. I appreciated the fact that Tony Danza (Tony Danza!) was the lead actor, but the singing and acting seemed to be sub-par and the energy of the cast and audience was pretty low. I have a feeling the show was much better with the original cast when it opened 6 years ago. Must be hard to maintain quality of acting for every show almost every day for 6 years.

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