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Mon, 01 Jan 2007

End of 2006
I'm back in Queens. Saturday I flew from Portland with Summer and Emily. Was nice to fly again, hadn't been on a plane in a few years. Its crazy how much warmer NY is than Maine. Was snowing like crazy when we left Portland, and it was 55 and sunny in NY. Allison drove up from PA and met us at my apartment. The four of us then rocked in the new year together. Saturday we ate some good greek food in Astoria, then went out to Galapagos and Zablonski's in Williamsburg.

Sunday I got a slow start on account of the drinks from the previous night, but I decided to go to the Alley Cat race in Manhattan. I'm glad I did, as the race was super fun! There were about 100 bikes hanging out at the polo grounds on Christie Street, and some people playing Bike Polo. There were 7 check points scattered from the South Ferry to 86th street. Each checkpoint had a little challenge, here's the rundown. Checkpoint 1, Staten Island Ferry Terminal; write your new years resolution. Checkpoint 2, East river @ 22nd street; three tries to sink a hole in mini golf. Checkpoint 3, 86th street; choose between eating 2 pieces of dry catfood or 5 cloves of garlic (I chose the catfood). Checkpoint 4, 72nd street in central park; capture the flag from one of three guys in short game of tag. Checkpoint 5, 69th street pier; hold your bike over your head for 5 seconds. Checkpoint 6, 34th street by the Javits Center, do 15 pushups, but what they did when you started was actually give you a wedgie. Checkpoint 7, Trackstar shop at 1st Street, roll a dice to either shotgun a can of Sparks energy booze, or kiss a dude there. I shotgunned the beer and evidently I was the only one to finish it completly. They then gave you a medium sized FedEx box to deliver to the finish, which was the Lakeside Lounge bar. I had to split as soon as I got there to go meet up with Summer and company, but Mattio later told me that I won the prize for best shotgunning of a can of Sparks. Which in my book makes up for the fact that I came in 55th out of 71 in the overall standings. I attribute my dismal position to getting lost on my way to Trackstar, and between the ferry and 22nd street.

For New Years Eve we decided to forgoe Times Square and go to the biker afterparty at Home Sweet Home. The party was pretty cool. Only in New York could you fill an underground club almost entirely with hipster bikers.

Today we had crepes, did some shopping, then sent Allison on her way back to PA. Tomorrow Emily and Summer fly back to Maine, and I go back to work. Happy New Year everybody!

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