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Mon, 27 Nov 2006

A Very NY Weekend
Our friend Anand visited us this weekend. Visitors are great because it gives us an excuse to do all sorts of fun touristy things that we don't get a chance to do. On Friday we went to the Museum of Sex, which is always fun. After the MoS, we went to Zinc, an excellent little Jazz/Blues club on West Houston street. Saturday we went to the MoMA. The MoMA was huge! I've never been, before and it was a blast. So may great art works that we didn't get through it all. If you go, check out Marcel Duchamp's "bicycle fork and wheel screwed upside down onto stool painted white" and listen to the audio commentary on the museum's guide. If you've seen Borat, it sounds like a work of art that Borat would have made. Later on Saturday we met Mila's friend Lola and some more of Lola's friends, and went to a Broadway show. We saw "Avenue Q" and it was awesome. Think of it as sort of like Sesame Street for grownups. Highly worth checking out, its very funny and very well produced. Lola and her boyfriend stayed with us Saturday night, and left early Sunday Morning. Anand treated us to breakfast at the local Diner, then he left in the afternoon. It was a very busy friend filled Thanksgiving.

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