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Fri, 24 Nov 2006

Thankgiving 2006
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Yesterday was feast-tastic. We started the day by going to the Macy's Parade. You know how the saying "Don't rain on my parade" don't ruin something cool? Well, rain on even the biggest parade makes it kind crappy. It was cool to see some the big floats, but they were so low because of the wind that you couldn't see them well over the sea of umbrellas. Still was kind of neat to actually be there.

This was the first Thanksgiving dinner I made on my own away from my family, and I think it came out superb! We had two guests cancel at the last minute, leaving Mila with a 12 pound turkey all to herself as Anand and I are vegetarians. The turkey looked like it came out very well, and the rest of the food; sweet potatos, home made cranberry sauce, homemade vegetarian stuffing, coleslaw, corn, apple pie, and ice cream, was enough to leave us totally stuffed.

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