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Wed, 22 Nov 2006

Visit to the Guggenheim
Mila and I visited the Guggenheim museum on Sunday. It was our intention to visit the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, but they had all but 1 little room closed. That 1 room happened to have miniature staircases in it, and they were charging $12 to see that... No thanks.

Since we were in NYC, we walked down the street to the Guggenheim and saw some great art by some excellent Spanish artists. They were having a show of Spanish masters; El Greco, Goya, Miro, Picasso, Dali, etc. While realist self portraits and still life are cool, I'm definitely a surrealist fan. Seeing so many Picassos in one place was cool. Man, that guy kicked out a lot of paintings! I've always been a fan of Miro and Dali so it was great seeing them in person. The works by Dali were way smaller then I anticipated, and makes me appreciate his detail even more. Some were about 8x10 inches, something easy to overlook when used to seeing his paintings in poster size prints. There was one painting missing that had a little inkjet print of the painting, and the message "Due to events beyond our control, this painting by Francisco de Goya is not currently in the show". Later I saw this article about how it had been stolen and just recovered on Monday.

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