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Mon, 13 Nov 2006

Three Months in New York
Its been a few weeks since my last post, but much has kept me busy and away from the terminal to update this blog. I'll start the blog with recent pic of my bike, taken at a playground on Randall's Island. This little island in the East River is a bizarre mixture of mental asylums, soccer fields, bridges, and parks. This picture was taken some time in the middle of October.
Color Bike

The weekend of October 28th saw most of the Allen clan come to NY. My mom and sister stayed with Mila and Me for 3 days and nights. It was pretty fun, we hung out in Astoria, got soaked in the rain, went to Brooklyn to tour the old stomping grounds. One of the mental highlights of their stay was seeing a group of four girls get repeatedly soaked by puddle splash as cabs flew by in the pouring rain and they were stranded in a center island on 1st ave. Does this make me a bad person? I think not, as it was quite hilarious. We had a pretty chill time in general, and spent one night at home just watching Goodfellas, eating pizza, and drinking beer. Quite the traditional NYC experience.

These two pics are from the Village Halloween parade, which took place on Halloween obviously. The parade was 3 hours long, and I left about 1.5 hours into it, because how much of a parade do you really need to see? Also they weren't throwing nearly enough candy for me to snag any of it. There were some crazy costumes, and tons and tons of people. I estimate several hundred thousand people lining the streets. Tensions ran high in the crowd, and I saw a redneck almost punch a chinese lady because she kept pushing him to get closer.
Village Parade Skeletons Gene Simmons

Last weekend I went to Pennsylvania to join Emily in celebrating Allison's 23rd birthday. I took the Fungwah bus down, which is only $10 and takes a short 2 hours to Philadelphia. Allison lives in Collegeville, which is another 45 minutes from Philly. On Friday we celebrated with some Cherry Cola's, and on Saturday we eventually woke up and went to Valley Forge. It was possibly the best November day ever. It was almost 80 degrees and Valley Forge looked awesome. We played around on trees and said Hello to Major General Friedrich Wilhelm Baron Von Steuben. We tried to go out in Philly that night but were foiled by lack of photo ID's. Saturday morning we gorged ourselves at Bob Evans, which I guess is a major restaurant chain that Emily and I have never heard of. Then I went back to a very rainy NYC where Mila and I again missed a sold out showing of Borat at the local movie theater.
The Baron In a Tree upside down Emily Tree

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