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Sun, 22 Oct 2006

EyeWash VJ Performance
I'm in a van on my back from Hudson N (about 2 hours up the Hudson River from NYC). It was an interesting night and I feel privelaged to have performed with such a skilled cast of VJ's, DJ's, musicians and dancers. Sadly I had my worst performance ever. If I were to compare it to playing bass, it would be the tech equivelant of 3 out of 4 strings breaking and having to continue performing with 1 string hoping nobody noticed. I'll break down the tech difficulties here. Basically a standard video mixer has 4 channels. My rig is set up like this;

1. B/W Live video camera
2. DVD player
3. Laptop running Livid Union software
4. Video feedback

So, we had about 5 minutes from when we finished setting up to when we went live that I noticed my video was not showing properly on the screens. My video splitter, normally the most rock solid piece of equipment, was being flaky. There goes channel 4 of my mixer. It was a small venue, not much in the way of live dancing or audience action, so basically channel 1 of my live feed was worthless. Livid Union, Channel 3, chose that exact time at the opera house to not work. It worked for 2 hours continuously on the way up, and then crapped out as I was setting up right before the show. I managed to get a partial set working on it, but that froze about 15 minutes into my 25 minute set. That left me with a 10 minute solo working only with the DVD player and my Panasonic WJ-MX20. Anyone that knows VJ'ing knows the Edirol V-4 Mixer. You can practically run a whole show with a V-4 and no inputs. The Panasonic is from 1986 and is no comparison to a V-4. The only good thing about my mixer is that it was free and has a retro feel. I managed to get through it, and got some applause, and some compliments after the show. Some of them seemed like they were genuine and not just to be polite. Thank-goodness I had made some original DVD content this week. I also take a little pride in that I didn't project any BSOD's or other errors.

There are 2 options for me as a VJ right now. Step up my personal skills with my ghetto rig, or plunk down some $$ for some more capable hardware.

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