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Mon, 02 Oct 2006

New Apartment (Bye Bye Brooklyn)
Mila and I have moved to Queens. It took much searching and stress, but we've got a pretty big 1 bedroom apartment in Astoria Queens. Now that we have extra space we can have visitors. Email me for rates and reservations. We also need furniture! Donations are welcome. This Friday we'll be borrowing a Suburban from my relatives in Wappingers Falls, and heading up to Maine for Columbus Weekend, my sisters birthday, and to pick up some furniture and appliances.

I'll miss Prospect Park, Park Slope, and the TONS of bicycles in Brooklyn. But I won't miss the little apartment, 4 story walkup, and sketchy neighborhood. Our place in Astoria is only 10 min by subway to central Manhattan, and much closer to some local shops and services.

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