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Fri, 29 Sep 2006

Wired NextFest at the Javits Center
Its been several years since I attended a tech convention at the Javits Center, MacWorld 2000 and 2001. Everyone I know was busy today, so I attended the convention by myself, which is sort of a tradition with me as thats how I attended the MacWorld conventions. It was a pretty good time, $12 after showing my student ID, and I also got a free subscription to Wired magazine. After the subscription, and the free sodas (4 Coke Blaks, which I love) I figure I pretty much broke even on the event and got to have my yearly quota of nerdery filled. NextFest was pretty big, seemed almost as big as MacWorld in its prime, but with less free stuff. I was hoping for some free keychains, buttons, lasers, or something. The displays were cool, and there were lots of robots. The coolest robots were a pair of waltzing robots, and some industrial robots programmed to be DJ's. SpaceshipOne/Virgin Galactic was also there, and a slew of other tech companies showing their stuff. The unsung hero/tech of the show was projectors. There were projectors everywhere, huge expensive projectors showing onto all sorts of surfaces; cars, fog, crazy inside out balloons. As a visualist and projection artist/tech that was probably the coolest part of the show, even though it wasn't exactly part of the official display. There was also a robot game of basketball, and a record player that played music based on colors on the white disk.

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