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Thu, 21 Sep 2006

Necessity is the Mother of the Haxor
Long story, that is only interesting to me. So, I got a new cell phone last month, a Motorola SLVR L7. Since day 1 it handled voicemails in a peculiar way; whenever I got a voicemail, it would sent me an SMS text message with only the text "^@" in the message. Not too informative, but it worked reasonably well to let me know I had a voicemail. Problems arose on Tuesday when I recieved a voicemail while on the subway. As I was underground, I also didn't get the text message, and unlike normal voicemail systems, it only sends the text once, so I didn't know that I had a voicemail until I checked my voicemail at random on Tuesday. Turns out I missed a very important call, and thus missed two production assistant gigs and about $400-$500. I called T-Mobile, and their official line is that the SLVR is an unsupported phone and thus the random text message is their method of communicating that there is voicemail. Their only solution was to sell me a Samsung T-509 for $99. I like Motorolas, and set about finding a way to make it work. After much googling, pirating, booting into windows, and hex-editing, I now have a SLVR that works with T-Mobile perfectly, and is fully open to sending it my own pics, ring-tones, etc. Next step is getting rid of that stupid HelloMoto startup animation, and figuring out how to make it have an automatic key guard.

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