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Thu, 14 Sep 2006

VJ setup for the DIESEL Fashion Show After Party
I worked the DIESEL after party last night, wicked sweet. It took place in "Gotham Hall" which is a huge converted bank building on Broadway. The party was a theme party (Heaven and Hell was the theme, so original eh?) and featured James Brown (so cool), and "2 Many DJ's/Soulwax" (who also rocked!). Our job, in addition to content creation and VJ'ing, was to hang 2 super big projectors from the lighting rig, difficult due to a quiet feud with the possibly mafia controlled lighting/stage company. Evidently lighting guys hate video guys. We got the projectors up and working despite many setbacks with cables and power. The show was great. James Brown still rocks the crowd. Our visuals (done by Eric Dunlop, Holly Daggers and Tal) looked tight and sweet, and there was plenty of free Svedka vodka. I always feel like I'm going to write more, but there are so many little details, and I need to go have breakfast (Breakfast is now at 3pm, as I got home at 5am).

diesel-a diesel-b
diesel-c diesel-d

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