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Wed, 13 Sep 2006

Interesting Tech Gigs
My internship with Forward Motion Theater has gotten me a few interesting freelance tech jobs. Last Sunday I set up a projector, screen and VJ gear for a private party at Culture Club. It was quite the event. Belvedere Vodka sponsored Colette, a french design/dance troupe, to have a party at the club. I set up the gear and projection stuff for the VJ, and then enjoyed the ambiance, aka free premium vodka and sweet 80's club action. The VJ was french and an intersting guy. His visuals were nice, but he had to play the corporate video loop most of the night and didn't get to mix it up often. He also got tossed out of the club after the show for stealing a bottle of booze from behind the bar. Never do that people, even if you're from another country, its just a bad idea to steal from your hosts.

Tonight I'm finishing setup for the Diesel fashion show. It takes place at the landmark Haier which is a classically styled converted bank. The main entry way, a 100 foot oval room with tremendous vaulted ceilings and gilded trim, is now used for fashion shows and movie shoots. So anyway, I'm working for Eric, and Holly, who are creating content for the show. I'm just hired tech hands, but its very interesting seeing all the different aspects of being a VJ or production group. I'll post back tomorrow with how the fashion show goes, I've never been to one so this will be interesting.

Mila and I are still looking for a new apartement. Evidently you need to see 15 to find 1. We're getting closer, now are finding apartments that only have 1 or two flaws in price or loacation. We're concentrating our searchs in Astoria Queens and Park Slope in Brooklyn.

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