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Sat, 09 Sep 2006

Free Dinner at The Plant
My dad once said to never turn down a free meal. Yesterday Nate Hankla IM'd me and asked if I wanted a free dinner at The Plant. The Plant is a vegan, raw vegetable restaurant in Brooklyn that has a line of juice bars throughout the city, and Nate is good friends with the general manager. Evidently they needed a few extra heads to fill the place to look good for some investors. Mila and I joined and had a quality vegan meal at no-cost. The food was minimal in quantity, but very rich and different. It was nice to go somewhere and not have to worry about the ingredients, as everything was vegan. The whole theme of meal was tomato basil, and was a 5 course meal. One of the highlights was the delicious sweet basil ice cream.

Today Mila and I are going to Brighton Beach again to take advantage of every sunny day left this year.

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