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Fri, 08 Sep 2006

Grandma Marion
Well, it looks like my grandmother Marion is not doing too well. I just got an email from my dad saying that she has between 2 months and a year to live. She's 85 (I think) and just went into the hospital with a heart rate of 160 (should be 70), she almost got the heart zapped when medication didn't slow it down, but thankfully at the last moment it started going down. Evidently her heart is pumping about 20% of what it should, and she has a DNR order in place. At best she'll be going into an assisted care place for a bit. All in all, not too good, but she says she's comfortable with everything and is being looked after by her husband Al and my Mom and her sisters.

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Water Taxi Beach and Fashion Rocks
Yesterday I worked two interesting shows. Eric got me a "simple" tech job at Rockefeller Plaza. It was supposed to be an easy 2 hour gig, setting up some trick wall/mirror mounted plasma monitors for CBS's Fashion Rocks afterparty, but a series of minor glitches, like taking 2 hours to get me electricty and not having any of the proper cables, made it a 5 hour job. This made me late for my next gig, which was setting up a 30 foot inflatable screen and projector at NY Water Taxi Beach. This week's movie was "The Natural", which was a terrible movie to show at the beach. Its a decent movie, but way too much dialogue and sappyness to watch outside. Last weeks movie was "Spiderman" and that was pretty fun. Lots of screaming kids playing in the sand while their parents drank $2 Schaefers. Last week had a decent DJ, and it was great listening to some decent techno before and after the movie, enjoying a beer while working, and seeing the best view of the Manhattan skyline at sunset. Definitly was a great NYC moment.

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