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Sat, 02 Sep 2006

Random Trip to Philadelphia
Yesterday I got a call at 7am from Raphael, asking if I wanted to go to Philadelphia to help with a performance at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It meant rescheduling a few things with my internship, and delaying labor-day weekend plans with Mila, but it was too good of an opportunity to miss. I took the subway to the Bronx, and met Raphael in his red Honda Element packed with VJ gear, and headed to Philly.

We somehow got to the museum on time, 2:30, and setup in under 45 minutes. Most of the other performers were there, with the notable exception of the organizer, Eric (not to be confused with Eric of Forward Motion Theater). He was 2.5 hours late, and he had the screen. The performance got underway 45 minutes late, and had some minor problems like rearranging the set list and general frustration with Eric's lack of preparedness. It was also pretty much the same show on Eric's part as the show last year at the Trinity Center. Anyway, Raphael's projections looked mint, and I got to help him perform a little. After the performance we went to Rona and Neil's place in Ardmore where the fed us and put us up for the night. Its the same place we stayed last year and is very cozy, inviting, and well stocked with food. Below are 4 pics from the show.

philly-a philly-b
philly-c philly-c

Today I got back to the city amidst the remains of hurricane Ernesto. It wasn't a full-force hurricane, but it made driving difficult and effed with the trains. It took 2 hours to get from upper Broadway on Manhattan to my place in Brooklyn. The Q was delayed and ended up dropping 1,000 passengers off mid-run, with shuttle busses supposed to take over, as there was debris on the track. They sent 1 bus for 1,000 people and it was pouring and I had 80 lbs of gear worth about $4,000 on my back and no umbrella. I found another bus that got me almost home, but it took 2 hours from Philly to Broadway, then 2 hours to Broadway to Beverly road. Dang! Anyway, its laborday weekend, time for the beach and relaxation.

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