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Fri, 25 Aug 2006

More things
Things are cool here in NY. Settling into a good groove, but still need a job. I'ver started my internship at Forward Motion Theater and am living the glorious life of an unpaid intern. I met Holly Daggers, and Eric Dunlap seems like a nice guy. Will be nice to push my creativity and VJ skills a bit more. Maybe I'll even get to travel a bit as Holly is currently touring with The Roots. Later today I'm picking up a suit. A grey Claiborne. I originally wanted a black striped Hugo Boss, but that was $400 and the Claiborne was $179 and still very sharp. This will allow me to pick up a decent messenger bag and go out to dinner more without feeling guilty. Plus, I only need the suit for a few interviews, and it will be with tech nerds so I'm sure I'll look fine. Mila and I have had a pretty good stream of visitors lately. Lola was up from DC, and Tamara stopped by on her way back to Maine. Seems like almost every weekend will have someone we know stopping by. I guess if you know enough people then at least 1 of them will be planning a trip through NY at any given moment. In the next few days my website may be unavailable intermittently as I'm moving to a different server and giving the entire site an overhaul.

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