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Sat, 17 Jun 2006

VJ'ing with Miss Lisa @ Ushuaia
Last Friday I VJ'd at Ushuaia's with the headlining DJ of Miss Lisa. I must say, I had low expectations for the show. Its summer time, school is out, there aren't many people that have attended Ushi's techno shows lately, I wasn't too stoked about Miss Lisa as I had never heard much of her before, and I didn't have a good time the last time I VJ'd with Raphael's equipment. So, I was going pretty much because I said I would.

To my surprise the show was really good! O'Shea started the night off well with his usual loud and full of energy set that I always enjoy. He has a way of bumping up the levels in a way that makes things loud enough that they almost hurt, but somehow sounds really good and satisfying. Fortunately Ushuaia's has the best sound system in the area so it can handle O'Shea.

Miss Lisa came on around 12:30, and she was much better then I had anticipated. The crowd had been dancing all night, but went crazy when she went on. I figured out some new tricks with my b/w security cam to get some good shots of dancers on screen and silhouetted/colorized. I saved some of the better graphics, clips, and tricks for her set and I think it looked pretty sweet. Plus the first hour of VJ'ing is always figuring stuff out again, and by the time she went on I was in my groove. I would say this was one of my better solo sets, and its too bad I didn't record it. Miss Lisa is a good live performer who's not just a pretty face with no talent, check her out if she's in a club in your area.

Here's some pics courtesy of Allison, disregard all the crotch shots of Tyler, I don't know what she was thinking but I decided to leave them in the album just cuz.

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