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Sat, 15 Apr 2006

Bike and Bar 2
Last night we did the 2nd Orono to Old Town Bike rally/booze fest. This time we had a peak attendance of 20 people. We left our house, and Kevin crashed about 100 feet down the street. He was OK, and that was the only incident of the evening so that was good. Our first stop was the Bear Brew, then we went to the Bear's Den. Then we biked the 5ish miles to Old Town, hit the River View, and then did a line of shots at Number 10. We diverted from our bike and bar plan, and stopped by 2 keg parties on Rt. 2 in Old Town. After the keg parties our group was fairly fragmented, but the main part of the group went to Ushuaia's and then to the Staar Club. Next stop was the Blues Cafe, and finally we ended the night at Woodman's. Pics are here.

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